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Fun Time House Escape

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As an artist and a bit of a person who likes hidden functionalities of different things, Luciano made his house not just to look luxurious, but behind those things are some hidden functions which he only knows, but well little did he know though that one of those features will get him in-trouble and he didn't expect that to become a problem. The house's doors has a function that if an illegal entry is made, a puzzle would come up which only Luciano can solve and that will lock all of the doors in the place. That's not an easy function to trigger though for that can really trap anyone there that's not him, but something like that happened that day as he relax however, and the problem was is he didn't even do anything as well as he somehow can't easily solve the puzzle!

There must be a real glitch here, one that he can't possibly solve quickly. Well that ends the fun of relaxing and thinking about productive things to do that day. Escape players, come and join Luciano here on his escape from his very own house, solve the puzzle carefully and use items in the place that can potentially help.

Fun Time House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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