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Fun Escape
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Your friend had a spare house that he rarely visited. You had been there for only a few times as well but you really loved the space. You didn't love it that much to decide to buy it from your friend though. He had been offering it to you for the past few months but you really love the space you have now and couldn't see the use for a second house. However, you came up with a plan to make use of the house and possible earn some money from it. You asked your friend to meet you in a cafe and that was where you laid down your plans. You planned to make it as an escape house. The different rooms could be set up to hide some items and puzzles for the players to figure them all out. Your friend loved the idea.

But before letting people get inside your escape house, you wanted to make sure that getting out was possible. So you tried escaping the house yourself. It was your first time doing it and you had no clue as to where the staffs hid the items and puzzles but you were already having fun. Play Fun Escape room escape game by Fun Escape Games.

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