Fun Escape 017 Game

Fun Escape 017

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You and your friends are out on a vacation to an exotic island. The place is untainted by modern society and thus retains its wonderful flora and fauna. As you take in the scenery, the clear blue skies relax your eyes. You then bury your feet under the sand at it feels invigorating. The chirping of the birds are music to your ears. The cool breeze of the wind soothes your skin and melts your stress away. This is indeed a fun escape from reality.

As you were exploring the place, you come across a stable. Just outside of the stable is the owner who seems in distress. Since you had nothing better to do, you approach her and ask what the problem is. You then find out that one of her horses is missing. In return for finding the missing horse, she promises you a free ride across the island. This sounds like a good deal and you accept.

Fun Escape 017 is and exciting point and click escape game released by Wow Escape. You find that the missing horse is trapped in a mechanical contraption. To free the horse, you must point and click to interact with the clues scattered around. Use your logic skills to finally free the poor horse. Good luck!

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