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Fun Escape 012

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tYou knew it was inevitable. From the start, you already had a feeling it would not work out. However, you still had faith that it would and stuck out with it. Your relationship has unfortunately, finally come to and end.

You could not concentrate on work. Unfortunately, your boss eventually noticed it. If this continues, your job security would be at risk. Before it comes to this, you ask for some time off. Luckily, your boss is understanding at allows you to take a vacation.

Fun Escape 012 is a fun and challenging point and click escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this escape game, you just suffered from a terrible break-up. To keep your mind off the depression and anxiety, you decided to go on a vacation. You are thinking of escaping to somewhere fun and exciting. A friend then suggested a remote wildlife reserve somewhere out of town. You immediately look it up the Internet and booked your tickets.

After countless hours of sitting in the bus, you finally arrived at your destination. You admire the green and lush forest. You are surprised such a place existed. After walking through the area, you find that you cannot find your way back. However, you find some clues lying around and that they are the key to escaping. Point and click to interact with these objects and find a way out!

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