Full Moon Winter Forest Escape Game

Full Moon Winter Forest Escape

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Can you successfully accomplish this escape adventure here from a cold and dark forest? Full Moon Winter Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

The forest was both pretty scary especially that it was nighttime then, and also it's very cold for winter had already come. That night, Darwin was in the place for he had been looking for firewood and it was even early that afternoon, but he got lost in the process though and it's already night, still he couldn't find his way back. Darwin still wanted to celebrate Christmas in a few weeks, that's why he doesn't want to be ended in such a place and really if one still has a chance to survive, he or she must take that for every life is precious.

Darwin is still warm for now, but it won't last though and later he will be otherwise there. The only thing that can guide him now is by the light of the moon, thankfully it was up and very full, but that's just a hand and he really has to find his way back home on his own. Escape players, time is really not your friend here especially in the cold wilderness, care to join Darwin here and see if you can escape the frigidness and get back to warmth? Keep going then and do not stop.

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