Full Moon Forest Escape Game

Full Moon Forest Escape

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It was new moon when you read this piece of article found under the shelves of your library. Your pen fell and rolled in this direction. Strangely, the pen wasn't there anymore but this article can be easily spotted. You took it out but only read it when you arrived home. You even forgot about it. But when you were about to work, you found it in your laptop. So you read the content. You opened your laptop immediately to search for the place stated. You cringed as the place was a legendary one. However, as you searched for the specific information about the place, a chat box opened. It invited you to ask questions. You found it very convenient as you had a lot on your mind. Then slowly, the answers revealed the exact location of the forest. This forest is best viewed during full moon.

It is said that the light from the moon gives life to the magical creatures living in this forest. You wanted to laugh at this statement but a part of you wanted to believe it. So to find out the truth, you went to the forest. It was like any ordinary forest. But as night time fell, the whole forest came to life with the bright and colorful lights coming from everywhere. However, the lights started to fade. You caught a glimpse of one of the creatures and asked him a question. The creature answered that all of them must be free for their lights to glow brightly and give life to the forest. Play Full Moon Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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