Fruit Friends Rescue

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The fruit people are now living in luxury here in this new community, this place was really built for them and now they are happy with the place for they can do as they please. That day, Nicholas who was one of the persons there who created the place, visited there just to see how they are doing. Well as he saw the community was doing fine, that’s until he reached the sports area however, for he saw a couple of fruit people there and they are trapped in one of the courts!

Nicholas quickly went to them for they were jumping and calling for anyone to help them, but because they are alone in the area they could not get any. Well lucky for them Nicholas is here and he knows the sports area, he just needs to find the key for this small court so he can free them. Well the problem is he doesn’t know where the key is at the moment. Escape players, Nicholas knows how to open this thing that is trapping them but the problem is he doesn’t have the item that can actually release them. Want to help him find it then so that he can rescue these people here?

Fruit Friends Rescue is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fruit Friends Rescue

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