Frozen Olaf Cousin Escape

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Olaf has a cousin now and Elsa created it so he’ll have a companion, but this one though was really adventurous and most times of the week, it would come to the nearby neighborhood just to sight-see and discover anything interesting to him. As a person who lives in the said neighborhood, Marco sees this creation of Elsa and actually, he is his friend for the little guy was quite friendly and smart too. But that day though, Marco didn’t expect for the royal sisters to come to his home, well actually it’s for the reason that Olaf’s cousin sent a distress call and he was actually trapped in Marco’s home!

Marco have no idea somebody was trapped in his home, for everything was quiet and he never heard a thing. This guy might have sneaked in the rooms when he was busy. So okay then, if the sisters needs help to rescue Olaf’s cousin here then he will give them a hand as well for in the first place, this is his house and he is responsible. Escape players, would you want to help Marco here as well and see if you can get Olaf’s cousin who was said to be trapped in the house somewhere?

Frozen Olaf Cousin Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.