Frozen Land Elk Rescue Game

Frozen Land Elk Rescue

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You always looked forward to summer since it  would mean a break from work. However, you sometimes forget that summer also meant uncomfortable hot and humid days and nights. You'd always hear people complain about how hot it is. You also felt that way but you preferred to keep your complains to yourself. Saying it to other people wouldn't really lessen it. You tried to search for some flights to cooler countries. You scrolled and scrolled and almost gave up when you saw a promo flight. It was somewhere quite colder than what you had wanted. But still it was a good deal. After checking out the features of the place, you decided to book the flight there. Not many people chose this as a destination since it could get very cold here. But you already felt so much heat that somewhere cold would be a good change.

You arrived there and immediately unpacked to make the most of your time. You didn't book any tours because you wanted to see the place by yourself. It would be your icy adventure away from the sun and heat. Everything was well until you find some elks unable to leave a frozen land. Play Frozen  Land Elk Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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