A dark,ominious cave is the setting for Frozen Cave Escape game.

Frozen Cave Escape

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In the frozen regions of Antarctica lies a secret that the world governments hid from normal folk. Darrel Caine traveled from the humid corners of the Amazon jungle to collect another missing puzzle piece to this secret.  This secret involves human history. Darrel Caine is a professor looking for answers for his research.

He arrived near a cave to seek shelter from the bitter cold. With a lamp in hand, he went further in and was stunned to see drawings on the walls that he could not identify. Because he was educated in Archaeology, he was able to date relics that were given at a specific time. But no, not these particular wall scribblings. He took out his notes and notebook and began to scribble. As a result of his excitement, he became to engrossed with his work that he did not see the showy figure behind him. Moments later he found himself trapped.

Frozen Cave Escape is a new exclusive game for Escape Fan developed by Ainars. You have to collect 10 pieces of code to activate the portal.

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Walkthrough video for Frozen Cave Escape

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