Froglets Rescue

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As a gardener, Wesley knows the plants in his garden and even around it, well at least a few for what’s around his garden was actually now vast forested area. Aside from plants though there were also animals, and of course one of them that he knows was this giant frog which was living in a small cave there and that thing was quite aggressive. So Wesley stays clear of it and mind his own business, although the creature was absolutely huge and beautiful to him. Wesley sets traps around his garden too for rodents and other pests that might destroy his perfectly designed vegetation, but he doesn’t kill them though, he just frees them further away from his property. That day he caught some things in most of his traps and when he saw them he pointed all of his attention then there.

Wesley found an amount of frogs in his cages! They all looked similar and seems to be newly formed, that means they are still babies as frogs even though they are adult in that form. As Wesley looked at them, he began to realize that they seem to be of the same size and color, that’s saying that they are all the same species, but most importantly the same with that giant frog in that cave there! Wesley was definitely fascinated with that frog, and if these are his or her children then he would be happy to see them grow and make themselves their own caves. So he’ll have to set them free now so they can get on with their lives. Escape players, will you help Wesley here free all the frogs that  had gone in his trap? Go ahead then and do this carefully now, for they might be aggressive too like their potential parent.

Froglets Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Froglets Rescue

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