Frisky Boy Rescue Game

Frisky Boy Rescue

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The people in the village have been secretly trying to rescue the boy who was the happiest in the village, that's why the old people call him the frisky child. Since the boy disappeared one day, the village had been less happy and because the kingdom which governs them is not at all merciful with everything that they do, it makes the situation a lot worst. The kingdom have never been the same since the king's son became ruler, and he even commissions experiments on children which they secretly kidnap, that's why the people suspect the disappearance of the child could be the new king's doing.

The people in the village still kept searching for the boy until one day, one of their merchants pulling carts accidentally found the kid being tied to two stone beams and his spirit was more than broken. That merchant told the village people as discretely as possible until, the information reached to the village's own rescuer who was Mon. Upon knowing this and the knowledge that the boy was no longer happy, Mon quickly hatched his plan which he had made prior to the boy's discovery. Escape players, Mon's mission is to rescue that boy secretly and not leave any evidence whatsoever that he had been to the place, no witnesses or his entire village will suffer. Come and join in the rescue here with Mon everyone, be the most careful you can be on this mission.

Frisky Boy Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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