Frightening Halloween Village Escape Game

Frightening Halloween Village Escape

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The Halloween village is not at all props and gimmicks, people should be very careful in entering the place for the ghostly apparitions and spooky things there are very real! It's not that the place is abandoned though, people just knows how to never get out of their homes and for years they had adjusted to that, but one resident however got very unlucky and that's Butch who just lives in the edges of that village. Butch was traveling back home after a hard-days work at the town but somehow, his car broke down in the middle of the village and it's bad enough that he can't leave his vehicle there! He cannot push it all the way home for the ground is uneven and it elevates at certain areas.

Butch finally decided to just leave his vehicle and maybe come back first thing the next morning, but now it's night and he needs to navigate through the spookiness so he can just get home! Butch needs help here for the spooks are trying their best so he can't get home, will you join in the escape and see if you can help Butch as he goes through the spooks?

Frightening Halloween Village Escape is the newest point and click scary area escape game created by WoW Escape.

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