Frighten House Escape Game

Frighten House Escape

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Your uncle owned a large property in the country. You were only to visit his house but not the others that stood on his grounds. You always had something to do inside his house that you didn't bother exploring it. But then, your uncle's health wasn't improving as you grew older. His children were all living in other countries. You were the only one supervising his caretakers. Then one day, he called you over to talk about his will. You thought you just had to process what was needed. However, he showed it to you and in your name was a great inheritance. You asked your uncle about it. And with a tear in his eyes, he told you about your real parents. He was your father and he wanted you to inherit his properties. Your uncle's health became better a few days later.

Then, he urged you to check out your property. You smiled at him and followed his words. There were a number of houses that stood there. And you chose the one at the far end to explore. You didn't expect it to be frightening inside. You wanted to start with the other other but you couldn't leave. Play Frighten House Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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