Friendly Badger Escape

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Wild animals often do find themselves in the town as they frolic around, it could be for food or just accidentally coming to the place. Some gets people uneasy though, like predators and dangerous snakes, little repulsive mammals too like aggressive species of rodents or a porcupine. But there was this one creature though which was in the repulsive side but was weirdly tamed.

Ronald befriended a wild badger and the creature was rather gentle when he first got near it, he often thought maybe it is not really a badger and its color is the only thing that says so? But it is indeed such a creature and the animal had become Ronald’s wild and free friend. That day however, Ronald will come to a huge concern when once again he found his friend badger, it was his for he had placed some accessories on it so he can clearly tell. But it wasn’t in a good situation however, for it was trapped inside a cage! Ronald knows this cage wasn’t intentional and it would catch animals in the town, for they are suppose to be engaged in the forest. Okay, maybe the owner here who is likely is friend will understand if he’ll tinker with his cage for a bit so he can free the badger, but guess Ronald will be needing a little help here for the cage was rather a bit complex. Escape players, will you be that help to Ronald so that the badger can be freed from being trapped?

Friendly Badger Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Friendly Badger Escape

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