Frenzy Axe Monster Escape

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Not all crazy-looking monsters here living in the town are as said as they are, most of them are gentle and kind. Wilfred is a resident of the said town and he is a human, he can attest to that claim for there is this one noble warrior which has an axe as a main weapon and that guy always has his back, in fact he has everybody’s back especially from other monsters there who are not at all delicate and good. The axe monster as he is called looked like a goblin, he looks evil and all but he is really not. That’s why that day when Wilfred was going around the town there finishing his daily chores, he found his friend the axe monster in trouble and he quickly went to help him!

He got trapped in one of the houses there and it’s this one that nobody lives in. He is beginning his frenzy now which was his fascinating signature move just so he can escape. That did not work but it did some damage though, still it wasn’t practical and he really needs help from the outside. Lucky for him Wilfred is there and now, he will definitely help him. Escape players, Wilfred doesn’t really have the skills to open stuff here just to do a rescue especially with this one place which had been locked for a long time. What was he even doing there anyways? Will you help Wilfred with this so that this valuable warrior of the place can be freed?

Frenzy Axe Monster Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Frenzy Axe Monster Escape

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