French Country House Escape Game

French Country House Escape

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On Russel's vacation to the French countryside, he was given a choice to stay in the nearest luxurious hotel or in a traditional countryside house which was nearer to the vacation areas in the country, Russel took the one that he hadn't tried before and that is the countryside place and when he got to one of the said houses, his first impression of it wasn't really that crude, it had everything and it's quite comfortable there. Russel thought this is going to be some vacation for none of it he hadn't tried before, little did he know that another thing was bound to happen and it was one that he hadn't also experience before.

Russel was about to leave for his first itinerary but when he tried his doors, the thing would not open and it's weird. Russel could not force the door to open for he fears that he might destroy it and he is also thinking for there might be a technique on how to open the door. Escape players, do you have such a technique without damaging anything? Know the place then and join Russel here on his escape.

French Country House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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