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Free 2 Escape 02

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In his attempt to find the way out of the ancient graveyard that he found, Ray was at some point given no other choice but to think about what the place really is and through that thinking, that got him to be a bit more interested of the area. Why was there no people there? Which culture does this belongs to? And how old is this place really? Those are the few questions which popped-up in Ray's mind, that's why he decided to check one of the tunnels there going under the ground and he is very careful in doing so, as he goes he found what seems to be an underground river and there were mining equipment there! But as the same as in the surface, it seems to be also abandoned.

Ray is not getting any answers here expect more questions, he needs to get out of there now for he knows pressing-on will be more dangerous, and unfortunately it already is for Ray could no longer find his way out! This is not good and knowing Ray is alone, he can't get any help from anybody at all. Escape players, what will you do now if you are Ray? Place yourself on his shoes once again and this time, really escape from the entire area safely.

Free 2 Escape 02 is the newest point and click underground escape game from 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as the start of the series.

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