Frankenstein Boy Escape

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As the assistant of the doctor, scientist, and researcher, Igor have seen the brilliance that his boss creates, but most people will not be able to stomach it though, for he creates monsters and just about anything scary for any normal people anywhere! Luckily Igor had a strong mind for this, and plus he has numbed on the stuff that comes out of his boss’ lab. One of those things too was this Frankenstein boy which he managed to bring back to life!

What monstrosity is this! But Igor have grown to love the UN-dead kid for even though he doesn’t look lovable at all, he was to other living things around him and to Igor as well. He was like the son he never had, so he cared for the kid like he was his own. That day though, Igor was working with the boss and he had to put his full attention to his work. Hours passed and when he returned to him, something had already happened, for now he was missing! This is not good, for if ever he went to town then there is a chance he will be captured and experimented on! Or what about brought to the circus of freaks and Igor wasn’t about to let that happen. Escape players, Igor is on the move now finding his boy wherever he is. Will you be able to help him on this probable rescue so that this can be done quickly before it’s too late?

Frankenstein Boy Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Frankenstein Boy Escape


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