Fragrant Garden Escape

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The garden park is as fragrant as ever, Billy went there for he is getting constricted with work and he just needs a little breather, and maybe some insight as well. The park here had always been a treasure for him whenever he is stressed, and that day it was once again doing him a favor, he is happy that he went to the place, maybe he’ll proceed deeper in there to areas he have never been to before. Little did he know that decision will be a problem to him and he’ll realize that when it happens.

Billy was moving along the path while he is deep in thought about something, that is not at all a good mix especially if one is in a place that are vast and this park here is just that. Billy got lost in there and he finally realized that when it is too late to experiment and navigate back! That’s because it will be dark soon and no wilderness is beautiful when the sun goes down, it will get spooky in there and more so for lights are only available in some parts of the area, most definitely not where he is currently. Billy needs to get out of there right-now, will you help him escape players in carefully navigating out of there? Follow signs then if there are and keep your eyes open for anything.

Fragrant Garden Escape is new outdoors escape game developed by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Fragrant Garden Escape

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