Fox Warrior Escape Game

Fox Warrior Escape

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The fox warrior is a wild animal by night, and a humanoid fox by day. Still the only thing changes is that he can walk upright and wear clothes then. The fox warrior is said to have been to many wars in the past and sometimes even made a difference by changing the course of some it for the good. The fox is immortal but not formidable however, it is sly and cunning as well as smart and as strong as a human. That's why one day when it got in-trouble, it needed help for it doesn't really have flashy powers except for being long-lived.

The fox warrior got trapped in one of the hunter's big and sturdy cages and it was lucky he was found by David who loves nature. He had never seen such a being before and it almost scared him away, but he has the feeling that the fox warrior is vital to this forest so, he cut his trip short and focused his time trying to free the fox. David doesn't know if this is an accident, or the one who had set the contraption is actually aiming to catch the mythical creature, but either way he'll break the cage's doors and do the rescue.

Escape players, be ready on this rescue and see if you can get the fox warrior out by being on the shoes of David. Fox Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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