Fox Land Escape Game

Fox Land Escape

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You didn't know when your love for animals started to grow. You used to not really care much about them. But you could remember your father trying to get you to be close with various animals. You were afraid back then. Yet you still tried interacting with them. Maybe that was when you started being fond of the creatures. Your house was near a place with many trees. You couldn't really call it a forest as you hadn't seen many animals there. But there was a part there that was called the Fox Land. Many people claimed to spot some foxes there. Their presence didn't bother you until one of the chicks in your pen was missing. You told your grandpa about this and he gave you even graver news. Two creatures could be going after the chick at that moment, the fox and the eagle.

You didn't know which of the two would be easier to handle. But you just knew that you had to save the chick before anything bad happened to it. The last time you lost one, you cried bucket of tears. You didn't want to experience anything like that ever again. Play Fox Land Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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