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Fortune 02

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Let's try another sequel here from this series where you will meet either a fortune or a misfortune. Fortune 02 is the newest point and click ancient underground escape game from 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

In the previous game, Maverick went on a rescue attempt for his car and he might or might not have made it, try the previous one then if you choose to find-out. On this escape adventure, here we join Blaine as he went into an ancient place to discover something he just realized. In his investigation of the ancient structures he was in, he saw clues and just about anything that says there is something hidden beneath the place and Blaine even managed to find it the next day! Although accidentally.

On his clue searching, the floor where he was caved-in and he fell into what looks like some series of tunnels where a lot of ancient objects are! This is one find of a lifetime! It's a good thing there were no skeletons there, it just creeps him out even though he typically finds those wherever ancient place he goes. This must be known to the public but for now, he must find his way out of the tunnels here and try not to venture too far or he might get even more lost. Escape players, want to try this 2nd sequel from this series? Join Blaine then and keep going through the underground complex.

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