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Fortune 01

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This escape here is going to be quite the difficulty, but it won't if your skills and logic here are enough however. Fortune 01 is a brand new point and click compound escape game released by 5n Games.

Maverick is on a rescue mission here for his car in the department's compound where cars with violations are being kept. Earlier that day, Maverick had a really bad one for after a set of piling problems, his car got towed and he was only just a few minutes on the side of the road and then when he looked back, it was gone. It was his fault and he knows that, but he doesn't have the money to claim his car though, that's why he is in that situation right-now of finding his car at the compound.

Maverick had been really stealthy on his move here and so far nobody had seen him, well he didn't see his car either after an hour of looking for it, maybe he'll just call this one off before his problem gets worst. Well it did for he is now lost in the compound and because he can only move with limits, he can't get himself out easily and quickly. Escape players, can you escape from such a place where Maverick had trapped himself into? Try the challenge then and may you complete it easily.


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