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Forsaken 02

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In the previous adventure, Raymond was trying to escape from his acquired house which had a mysterious history to it, he may or might not have successfully escaped but for this 2nd sequel, let's all join in another escape adventure from a place truly forsaken by people a long time ago. The said place is an old town which looked advanced in its time thanks to the structures made of stone there and how numerous it were across the land. Strangely it got abandoned and nobody really knows why, that gave Marnie the reason to visit the place for as a historian, it kind of also interests him.

Marnie enters the place and he was alone, it's not that unsafe that's why he came with no guide and from there his work began. Marnie sampled a ton of rocks and some of the organic material there which were saved from time for data and info, as he ventured further into the place, he wished he had gotten a guide for when he went deeper into the old stone complexes, he got lost in there! Escape players, this will be an adventure for you but for Marnie, this is an escape for his life.

Care to join him on the escape from an ancient place? Forsaken 02 is the newest point and click ancient escape game created by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

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