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Forsaken 01

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The beautiful house in the neighborhood had just been forsaken by the owners for no reason, that's why that day Raymond just bought the place from the owners who would not even say why they left and were even eager to. And so he renovated the house according to his tastes and after a few months, the house had its colors and good aura again. Still, Raymond doesn't know why the owners was very eager to abandon the place and through those times as he was inside it, he never found or experience anything weird. But that's until one day however.

Raymond was alone in the place one day when he felt that he is in-need of a rescue, it was weird and when he tried the door, he realized then why he had that feeling. Raymond could not open his doors and mostly the ones that will get him out of the premises! Okay, now is not the time to panic, this might just be a coincidence or a busted lock for things like that can happen at times. Escape players, join Raymond here and try your best to escape the house and if you can, find-out what's going-on too.

Try this escape adventure everyone. Forsaken 01 is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 5n Games.

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