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Forgotten Hill Pico

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The forgotten hill tales are not over yet, so if the previous adventures have brought you to an interest in these challenges, here we present you another one and this time the location is in an eerie old house which has lots of potential to be a daring one. This time, we'll escape from the house which was also in the story of the forgotten hill, that house was once owned by a wealthy family but they left mysteriously and now the wandering unseen things are taking refuge there. The house is called the Pico and in the tales, one must be very careful and wary of that place, for it is quite a dangerous one and it is greatly advised to stay away from it, but you are in it now escape players! Will you be able to escape from it safely?

Come and test your skills here for an escape from once again a house filled with the haunts and illusions which not everybody would dare face. Be ready for what's to come then for there will definitely be and one is an escape challenge.

Forgotten Hill Pico is a brand new point and click creepy indoor escape game from FM-Studio. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the new series here.

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