Forest Wooden House Escape (Mirchigames) Game

Forest Wooden House Escape (Mirchigames)

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You have decided to explore the hidden wonder of the forest. You are mesmerized by the beauty of nature that day that you forget that it's getting late and you have to get back home. But there's little problem, you forgot your way outside of the forest and the battery of your cellphone is about to die. It's getting dark and the only thing that is letting you see the road is the little ray of sunshine that is about to set that peeks through gigantic trees. Luckily, you have found a wooden house whilst walking mindlessly. Tired of what happened the whole day, you didn't think twice about entering the wooden house. You thought of staying in for a while because you have nowhere else to go and it's already dark outside.

When you woke up the other day, you're about to leave but couldn't open the door. You thought that someone was trying to prank you because you couldn't find a way out. You thought of every possible way to escape the wooden house but to no avail.

The only way to escape the wooden house is to solve the puzzles and get the clues to finish the game. And it is the only way for you to break free.

Play Forest Wooden House Escape, an escape game made by Mirchigames. Goodluck!

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