Forest Wooden House Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Forest Wooden House Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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Forest Wooden House Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games. Enjoy on another escape adventure right here with us!

Deep in the lush wilderness, Jeder decided to make his own sanctuary there which was an almost luxurious forest cabin and it had all that he had needed to survive and then some. Jeder had been living in this forest house for years but not consistently though, for he tends to get back to the city at times for part-time jobs to keep him entertained. One day however, Jeder was out of his boredom as he was thinking of stuff to do, for something had happened in the place which he is now trying to solve.

Jeder felt something weird in the place while he was thinking, it seemed a little bit darker and had a different aura, so he just stood-up and went to the door to get this feeling of his neutralized but unfortunately though, he could not open his door. Weird, so he tried another door but it too was mysteriously locked! Jeder was dumbfounded then, for not only two of his doors were locked, but all of it including the windows! Something sinister is going-on in here, but because this is his place and he knows how easy to escape from it, he'll definitely find-out what's going-on and escape. What about you escape players, care to try the house escape game with Jeder for fun? Go ahead then and good luck!

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