Forest Warden Escape Game

Forest Warden Escape

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There seems to be somebody in the area that is doing very sinister things, that's why the authorities who are all trying to catch this certain somebody, calls him the forest warden! Well that's because this person's doing involves imprisoning people and then they would just leave them where they are trapped! That is some sick thing to do, but luckily thanks to the authority's work, they all managed to rescue his victims and even then the person's motives are not clear, they just think he is sick in the mind and that is all. As one of the rangers there in fact, Tommy has something to do again that day.

Tommy got a report that a kid became a victim with that sick person's activities again, that guy needs to be apprehended now, but how though for all they know the one who is doing this is a guy and his motives are still unknown, they don't even know where his house is. Yet somebody needs help and that's why Tommy will go and rescue this kid. Escape players, want to help Tommy here find and rescue the kid as quickly as possible from wherever this one is trapped? Luckily Tommy has some leads where he should look and he can start from there.

Forest Warden Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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