Forest Village Game

Forest Village

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The forest was like your home away from home. And the people there were like your neighbors. You really enjoy your time there when you wanted to disappear from your city life. The people there were always welcoming you. You felt like you could stay there and never feel like a stranger to anyone. There was this one man who acted like a father to you. You could always go to him and tell all your worries to him. He was a good listener. And he seemed to care for you a lot. It was the weekend. And you wanted to spend some time with him. So you went to the supermarket to buy some supplies for your stay. You were carrying two heavy bags and it made you reach his place slower than intended. But when you reached the area, his door was closed.

You worried that maybe he was staying in a place somewhere else. But when you walked closer, you could see some smoke like he had recently cooked. So you called out to him. There was a long silence before you heard his reply. You circled the house to look for an entrance. But everything was closed. Then again, you knew what to do in times like this. Play Forest Village outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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