Forest Train Station 02 Game

Forest Train Station 02

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Terrence was still out to find that train station hidden in the now densely vegetated civilization. He had already encountered so much on his journey but lucky for him, his hardship actually payed-off! Terrence found the train station and it's better to live in there he thought than the wilderness for the current place had very few things they need to expand and reconnect with other humans. Terrence however thought the place was abandoned somehow, but there were signs of life, he doesn't know how long though, it might be yesterday or a year ago, still he found what he was looking for and now he must look around even more to see what else he can find in there.

Escape players, Terrence here will go deeper into the train station and luckily there wasn't much vegetation there, for foliage are actually dangerous for all he knows, a wild animal or another hostile human could be hiding behind it. Come and join Terrence here and see what you'll find in the place.

Forest Train Station 02 is a brand new point and click area escape game released by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as the start of the series.

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