Forest Spider Escape Game

Forest Spider Escape

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The forest has some very strange creatures living in it, and definitely Mitchell knows about it for he lives in the place and he had seen a lot in there like giant ants and birds. That day, Mitchell was off to the forest again for it was that time of the week, it's time to go on a hunt and it's always dangerous, for the creatures there even though are docile, they can still definitely kill. And so, Mitchell goes off the path and heads to the grounds where he usually hunts. It was typical, nothing new until something was!

Mitchell found a grilled-door in the middle of the wilderness and he was really confused, for there will be no brave enough hunters except him to go in there but then again, there was a man-made cage there! Mitchell tried to investigate the thing so he can get some clues about it, but instead he found one off those weird creatures in the forest and it's a gigantic spider! Now this is something he doesn't see everyday, but he thought those poachers or whoever they are who owns the cage must not be encouraged to just keep taking from the forest especially the weird animals, so Mitchell decided he'll just get that spider out and get this over with. Escape players, will you do so as well by helping Mitchell help that trapped giant animal?

Forest Spider Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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