Forest Reindeer Escape Game

Forest Reindeer Escape

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Driving along the forest, you heard a loud bang. You then tried to take your best guess as to where the shot came from and hurried towards it. In the distance you see three men with hunting rifles, directly across them was an animal--a reindeer--probably shot by said hunters, separating them was a raging river. You catch a glimpse of the men trying to find a way to cross the river to take the reindeer. That's when it hit you, you ran towards the reindeer hoping it's still alive--which he is. The three men saw what you were trying to do so they tried to cuss aloud, they even threatened to kill you too if you didn't do as they say. With so much adrenaline rushing through your veins, try to save the reindeer (and yourself) from the grumpy hunters.


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