Forest Hut Escape (Games 2 Mad) Game

Forest Hut Escape (Games 2 Mad)
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As a photographer, Earl went to the lush and green forest to take some great pictures from wildlife to vegetation, there is bound to be a ton there as he was recommended by his friends. That day, he came alone so he can concentrate, there is a general rule that people should not go into some forms of wilderness alone due to higher risks of certain types of dangers which cannot be dealt with no help at all. That's why Earl realized his mistake when he got lost there and upon realizing that, he saw the place then getting scarier and scarier as the sun goes down.

Okay, at least he already got what he came for, now the question is will he be able to get himself back home and show that work to them? Escape players, there won't be no help coming for Earl there except from you, soon it's gonna get dark and he'll definitely get showered by the blackness of night and stumbling in the darkness, will you help him though? Place yourself on his shoes then and navigate out of the forest while there is still light.

Forest Hut Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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