Forest House (Zoo Zoo Games) Game

Forest House (Zoo Zoo Games)

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Your best friend Mark had his family move in a small hut in the forest. This had been your childhood dream. You both lived near the edge of the forest. However, you families wouldn't let you build a house in the forest. They just always wanted to see you around. And having house in the forest meant you would stay there more. You left your house after finishing your studies. Mark did the same. But after having a family of his own, he went back. Then he built his house in the forest. He invited you over to see his house and meet his family. You were free that day so you agreed. The house was surrounded by wide spaces with many shades coming from the trees. Children wouldn't need any toys or gadgets here. They had the whole forest for their playground.

You arrived there and saw them playing some games. But the highlight only came when you arrived. Mark's children needed to complete the clock for them to win. However they would surely need your help to finish the challenge for them to receive their prize. So you gladly agreed. Play Forest House (Zoo Zoo Games) is a room escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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