Forest House Tree Escape Game

Forest House Tree Escape

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The forest is good and safe, it's so safe in-fact that houses have been built in it and some are even very modern! Still it's a wilderness and stuff can still happen in the place and can be dangerous. Adam is currently in the area just looking around for if it's possible that he has budget in the future, he will have one in the place for himself too. Adam was selecting perfect areas where he can possibly construct his home someday, but guess he is not worthy of the place for now though at least not yet, for he got lost in the swerving paths of the area and he can't get to familiar path at no more!

At the moment, there is nobody out which he can ask for directions, he doesn't want to bother the people there as well so, he'll just have to try and escape only with his stored knowledge. Escape players, you are absolutely not familiar with the place as well, but will you help Adam still and see that he can get himself out of the area? Test your skills and logic here then and be ready for the challenge.

Forest House Tree Escape is the newest point and click area escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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