Forest Granny Escape

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Willie’s grandma is a strong woman, but that night she got quite foolish for Willie’s dog just escaped and she went straight to this scary old house which was being avoided by every children there just to rescue it! Willie was definitely holding his grandma as best as he can, for he had seen the place’s weirdness with his own eyes before, but his grandma was not having this, and so she went. Little did she know she’ll get in-trouble there and Willie was actually right.

It had been half an hour already since his grandma went. Willie got very concerned of this thing until, he went himself as well to check on his grandma. He has a bad feeling about this, he just hopes his grandma is waiting for him to come-out and scare him, hopefully she has the dog now. But unfortunately, none of that is going to happen, for when he passed by an area there, he found his grandma trapped inside something! It’s a good thing he found her amidst all this darkness, but still he is currently having a hard-time trying to open this strange thing where she is trapped though, how did she got in it anyways? Escape players, want to help on this rescue here for Willie’s grandma so they can the heck out from the darkness there safely?

Forest Granny Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Forest Granny Escape


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