Forest Escape 2 Game

Forest Escape 2

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Forest Escape 2 is the second part of this escape game in which because of your bad grades, your parents sent you in a summer camp. The camp was located in the forest and was not hard to find it. There was a direct way to get there, but once you arrived, they told that you won't be allowed to leave until you complete the tasks. You hated this place and didn't wanted to lose all the summer staying in the middle of the forest. So one day you decided to escape. As you couldn't go on the way because they would catch you, you went on another way. You didn't know where does this lead, but for sure out of the forest. You were wrong, because you got lost and now don't even know the way back to the camp. Try to find some clues which will lead you out of the forest. Best of luck!



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