Forest Challenge Escape Game

Forest Challenge Escape

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You'd been to many forests. But each forest has its own charm and you wanted to see each kind. So every weekend, you spend at least three hours inside a forest admiring its beauty. You always went home feeling happy and refreshed. It seemed like the forest had a power to restore the energy and positive vibes you lost through the week. However, you sometimes get a taste of the thorns in the forest. There was a time when you lost your way. You chose a forest outside the city where you live. You didn't have any idea about how the forest looked like. Yet you remained so confident that you brought so little stuffs. You meant to stay for only a few hours then head back to the city. But you lost your way inside the forest. There were so many things to look at.

And all of them distracted you from focusing on the path. You just looked around and nothing was familiar anymore. You tried to follow your steps back. However, no matter how many times you did, you were still inside the forest. Then you realized there must be something else that you should do. Play Forest Challenges Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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