Forest Cat Escape (8b Games) Game

Forest Cat Escape (8b Games)

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Your niece came running towards you holding a box. It was not your birthday nor her birthday. But she must have done something good and praise-worthy to receive a present. You bent down and waited for her to open the box. But it seemed like she wanted to play for a while with you. She sat on the floor and made you guess what was inside. You wanted to name an animal but it wasn't making any sound at all. So you gave her random names of things which made her laugh heartily. Then she made you give up as she slowly opened the box to reveal a forest cat sleeping inside. You were not an expert on cats but you could tell that it wasn't an ordinary cat. You both watched the cat sleep peacefully. After almost half an hour, the cat woke up.

Your niece fell asleep waiting for the cat to wake up. The cat was calm at first. Yet as soon as he heard a loud noise from somewhere, he darted out of the house. You were surprised by his actions and you just stood for a while. Then you remembered your niece and she wouldn't be too happy about this. Play Forest Cat Escape (8b Games) room escape game by 8b Games.

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