Forest Bear Escape Game

Forest Bear Escape

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It was a fine morning and you decided to walk along the forest. You always go to the forest because the trees relax your mind. Also, it is a good venue to interact with the animals. You usually see birds and squirrels around. But while you are peacefully walking through the forest, you heard something not far from where you are. It sounds like a bear. The sound excites you because you wanted to see a bear for a very long time. You rushed to the forest but what you saw is not what you imagined. You saw a bear in a cage and looks like the hunter is not around. He will surely end up in the zoo if you can't help him to escape. This is the perfect opportunity for you to rescue the bear.

Help the Forest Bear to escape from the cage before the hunters come back and bring him to the zoo. Collect items around the forest that you can use to unlock the cage. The bear is counting on you so you can't let him down. Play Forest Bear Escape, the newest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames to stop animal cruelty. Best of luck!

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