Forbidden Village

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It had been Tommy’s dream to check the forbidden village which was located near his home in the wilderness, but the place is not called forbidden for nothing though. People shouldn’t go in there for even though the place was innocent in looks, a lot has happened in there and really the elders where Tommy lives forbids people in proceeding the gates to it. But in every generation though there are always the rebellious ones, and for this place it was Tommy.

Tommy enters the cordoned village without anybody’s knowledge, it was good at first and Tommy was even amazed with what old medieval stuff is left in there. He even wondered what kinds of things are keeping the people out of it, he doesn’t understand yet but he will in the end the moment he will be leaving from the place. Escape players, Tommy is starting to proceed out now and he just found-out something which had now become a real issue for him! He is really repenting now even though at first he tried to justify this as a normal mistake. Want to see what happened and if you can ever help him with that?

Forbidden Village is the newest point and click area escape game created by Hidden 247.

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Walkthrough video for Forbidden Village

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