Fondness Cat Escape

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Janine rarely let’s her cat frolic around the area, for there are dogs around that would really chase cats and because her cat looks great and cute, somebody might snatch it for themselves. Janine enforced her rules with strictness and everything went well, except for one day though when the cat accidentally escaped from her home and as an ultimate result, it entered an open cage there and got trapped!

Janine was definitely furious when she found that out, she asked herself who would put a cage in the middle of the town which a small child can fit into? But she can’t help but to blame herself as well, for she slacked-off a bit and this happened, now she needs to get her cat out of there for she loved her pet and it just hurts her to see the creature in such a state, it is making her very uneasy. Escape players, nothing will ever come from full fury and most certainly it won’t solve problems in a good way, so will you just help Janine here open the cage and hopefully the owner of the cage will turn-up and help-out as well? Go ahead then, see if you can find anything that can help the cat out quickly.

Fondness Cat Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Fondness Cat Escape


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