Folklore House Escape Game

Folklore House Escape

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They really didn't abandon the place for its history dates back a long time ago when it was just a small house standing in the middle of nowhere, it get renovated and renovated until it is now a big and luxurious house! That's just according to legends, but one can't help it think that it's true for there are records, it's not hardcore proof though for it can also be fabricated. Still, Johnson is optimistic about this and he believes that there is a core of truth for this, and if it is then maybe the house is hiding something and that could explain why they continued to renovate it other than just left it for good.

Johnson asked permission from the current owners to investigate the place and he was allowed, for the owners also want to find-out what more they don't know about the house. Johnson looked around and tinkered on some things, no luck yet. But unfortunately for him though, the bad came first for him and the good might not come at all! Johnson got trapped in the place for the doors just kept locking on him. Looks like somebody is pulling strings here, well whatever it is paranormal or prank he must get through it for one thing he hated is anyone succeeding against him. Escape players, play as Johnson here and try your best to escape the place as quickly as possible.

Folklore House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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