Foliage Forest Escape Game

Foliage Forest Escape

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The forest is one of a kind for when it is not covered in mist, it is otherwise covered in foliage, that eventually led to people calling it the foliage forest and it is not easy to venture into due to such reasons. That is now being proven by Michael who was currently going through its paths and at the moment, he is lost and nobody can save him! Well he came alone so what do he expects when he lost his way there? Will he be able to get through the thick vegetation and get back home safely?

Michael decided to never come in this place again if he ever makes it out, that's if he can make it out. Escape players, why don't you help Michael here in escaping from the forest which was always covered by something? Place yourself on his situation and try your best to navigate the wilderness with what clues you can find and think about. Keep your eyes peeled on what distant horizon you can see for that can be a great heads-up of what's ahead.

Ready yourself on this escape adventure here everyone. Foliage Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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