Fog Forest Escape Game

Fog Forest Escape

(80 votes, average: 3.80 out of 5)

Imagine in this game you are a biologist who had been studying a special insect which was capable of being invisible if it felt itself in danger. You thought this ability could be transported into a human body if the root of the capacity was understood. So you dab been searching for this rare animal for years. One day you were walking in a forest which was supposedly the main habitat of these creatures when suddenly you glanced a storm approaching you. You wanted to get back to your car as soon as possible when a big mist descended onto the forest too. You couldn't even see properly the things a couple of meters is front of you. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out fast. Good luck!


  1. Date: January 28, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    The last clue (G-R-B) does not work. Nevertheless: an interesting game

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