Foal Escape

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Steven received a foal as a gift to him from his farmer friend and its what he wanted ever since. The animal was already weaned but it was still quite small, probably a runt even though horses often only has one foal at a time, but often also that a runt if well taken-care of, can even be a champion! That’s why Steven still feeds it milk from the mother at times and artificial ones too to make the creature more robust. But one day as Steven was about to feed the foal, it seems to be extra excited today and it ran straight to Steven but unfortunately, the foal overshot and went straight into the room which was the hardest to open in the house! Well that unfortunately trapped it inside.

Steven had a face-palm moment here, but he needs to give this a lot of attention now for the foal could get hurt inside the room there where it is trapped. Steven could not open the door of the room, just like how it is always and maybe it could be time to destroy it, well there must be another less destructive way though so escape players, do you have that way? If so, then place yourself on the shoes of Steven here then, rescue his foal who was trapped and carefully so the animal won’t get hurt.

Foal Escape is another new point and click indoor animal rescue escape game made by 8b Games.