Flying Fairy Bee Escape Game

Flying Fairy Bee Escape

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Fred was always having a hard-time trying to venture into the forest for not only there was no path deep into it and the foliage is thick, the place is also filled with illusions as well as magical things which he could not even explain. In his years of going there, he had already found-out more things in the place and he keeps it a secret. That he must, for if he should let out knowledge about the place's strange inhabitants, the place will be swarmed by people and will never be the same again. Fred also knew about the fairy bee and that thing is one of the few things that are providing the place magic and beauty, he also knew it has an enemy which was another magical thing and that day, it seems that its enemy had won!

Fred saw a part of the forest slowly wilting, that can only mean one thing, and that the enemy of the fairy bee had finally caught-up to it! Fred quickly went to find that bee for he just knows it is in trouble and needs rescue. Escape players, will you help Fred here find that mythical being so he can save it then?

Flying Fairy Bee Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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