Flying Broom Boy Escape Game

Flying Broom Boy Escape

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Have fun on this spooky place rescue attempt! Flying Broom Boy Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule. Best of luck of to everyone.

It's Halloween all-year round in the forsaken land here, it's like all the spooks have been cursed there and they could never ever leave, there are witches in the place and among other scary things. One of those creeps is Igor, he is an assistant to the witches there and whenever there are errands, he does it for them, but well even though he does things for the witches evil purposes, he knows deep in him that he doesn't want to and he is actually good, well only cursed and that's a fact. One day however, that good in him will be tested and if he is ever caught, it could cost him his life!

A boy who was an outsider just accidentally stumbled into the area and because there are scary things in the place, he quickly got startled and now he is lost! Igor happened to come across him and the boy was absolutely terrified of his likeness, but he soon explained that he is of good intentions and he plans to help the boy get out before the witches knows about him. Now, the only way to escape this place is through the use of the witches flying brooms and nothing else, because the boy does not belong to their he can leave with the broom unlike them who are all cursed and bounded. Escape players, a boy needs help here, care to join in with Igor and see if you can lend your aid without the hags knowing? Scour through their houses then for a broom and definitely keep your head down.

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